Our vision

“You would like to change your interior while keeping your interior layout ? Bocklip is for you.”

To create high quality kitchen modules at reasonable prices, Ikea is unrivalled!

Custom kitchens have a cost that normal people cannot afford, so we took the problem the other way: how could we create something of quality at a reasonable price?

Our solution has been to use Ikea structures as commodities to make luxury codes accessible.

Bocklip workshop, which was making luxurious carpentry elements custom-made under the brand name “The Carpenter’s Cousins”, chose to combine the techniques of mass production and the preservation of the know-how of carpenters. The operation is simple: just order on our site the pre-perforated facades and accessories (handles, sink …), then screw them on Ikea furniture.

Today, our aim is also to offer these high quality products to a wider clientele by combining the techniques of mass production and the preservation of the know-how of our carpenters.

We manufacture doors that match METOD cabinets and kitchens, BESTA furniture, PAX dressing rooms and our collection of bathroom furniture. We use our experience as qualified matchmakers every day to manufacture quality doors.

We love our Swedish friends. We love the quality of their sturdy cabinets and Blum material. We like the flexibility of their boxes.

We especially like their price! With Bocklip doors, you can easily save 30-40% on the cost of a high-end kitchen.

You’ll soon discover that Bocklip offers endless variations and possibilities and you’ll have fun putting together something truly unique.


Diane Pollet

Stephanie Dubrule