Here are the most frequently asked questions

We manufacture facades and sides for the new IKEA METOD kitchen system that can adapt to the street.

Yes, you only buy the boxes with the hinges and feet. The sliding drawers too!

Bathroom furniture is mounted and delivered on a pallet – the hanger system is taped inside.

We are not affiliated or associated with IKEA. All Bocklip facades are made to customize IKEA boxes.

Yes, all doors, drawer facades are pre-pierced to the exact Blum specifications of IKEA.

All doors are fully insured against damage and are shipped by UPS or carrier.

Use a damp cloth with non-abrasive soap to clean your doors and dry immediately. Never leave standing water on door surfaces.

For the kitchen and bathroom, the doors are made of raw MDF, covered with high-density laminate with a choice, identical edgebands to the facades or brass or stainless steel edgebands. This door quality is very robust, it will withstand blows and green sponges!

The back of all our facades will be in white counterpression.

For the dressing rooms and furniture in the living room, the facades are lay in our workshops. For more information click here.

Yes it depends on the materials.

We deliver throughout France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Our painting contains a solvent base and a varnish. It is of industrial quality, not available for purchase, and must be:

  1. heated before use,
  2. applied with professional spraying equipment
  3. heated again during drying to speed up/activate the hardening process.

For these reasons, finding the exact color is unlikely. But you can get as close as possible by purchasing the paint among the NCS references of your choice (shown in our color page) in any professional paint store.

Because we provide samples and our products are made entirely to order – we cannot accept returns.

No, their doors are completely their property. We don’t copy IKEA doors.

Absolutely, most of our customers do! Click here to use the kitchen planner. Once your design is complete, you can send us the full plans with the elevations by email. If you’re having trouble:

Just send us your login information – email address and password – and we’ll intervene on your plans ourselves.

Yes, absolutely, at our offices at 34 ave. P.V. Couturier 78390 Bois d’Arcy on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Yes, we can read Google Sketch-up, Autocad and Photoshop even sent in PDF or JPEG format.

We give our customers 48 hours to cancel their order.

We accept bank cards and transfers.

Bocklip offers a limited two-year warranty against manufacturer-related defects. Daily exposures such as heat exposure, water damage, scratches and discoloration are not included.

We take special care for the packaging.

However, it is important that you make sure that the order arrives in good condition. We ask all customers to check their delivery on arrival and to inform us of any problems within 3 business days. The damage document is essential, you can take pictures if you want and send them to us by email.

The Metod kitchen is 8 cm high feet and baseboards and a box height of 80 cm

while the Facktum Kitchen has 14 cm feet and a 70 cm box

The doors, sides and baseboards are 2 cm thick.

One side is positioned on the side of the box to finalize the kitchen, in no way it replaces the side of the IKEA box

a sub-face is fixed under the high furniture, dresses the undersides of the ikea boxes.

A threader is a rectangle of the color of your kitchen that fills the void between the Ikea box and the wall. 

very useful between two angles! 

We can make custom baseboards on request!

yes of course on request!

Of course Bocklip makes you doors as you go, the maximum size can’t exceed H280 cm.